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About Us

Mampro SA started importing Ifor Williams Trailers in 2015.


David Tullie started the company after going back to his home country, Scotland. He had a chat with his aunt, who is a very knowledgeable horsewomen, and with many other horsey ladies to find out why the IWT horsebox was their first choice. The common comment was that the trailer had an amazing design and was incredibly reliable. The trailers are also particularly convenient, light and practically designed for women who may be trucking solo or with children. David was aware how his wife and daughter struggled with their horsebox for many years, so the quality and ease of the IWT trailer design really caught his attention. He also believed that the design would suit South African conditions, particularly with thee extreme weather conditions and bad roads.


In 2016 David and Matilda (his daughter) went over to visit the company in Wales. They witnessed the modern technology the company used to create these unbelievable trailers. Every step of the process monitored by people who know the trailer inside out and back to front. It was a brilliant experience to watch the structured craftsmanship. It made us even more confident in our decision to import the trailers into South Africa  

So as a company we our goal is to import trailers of the highest quality to keep our horses safe, make those long distances easier, keep prize livestock happy and calm, as well as have the longevity to be of lifelong assistance.

These trailers have proven themselves over in the United Kingdom and we hope for them to become a winner in South Africa too.


Pictured (left to right):Saskia Ten Siethoff winning at the Mampro SA WC Derby 2021 with Matilda Tullie presenting the prize

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